Gossip Roundup: Jane Pratt Loose-Tongued On Drew Barrymore

  • Jane Pratt drops the "bombshell" on her Sirius show: that the rumors that have circulated for years about her 90s girlsexing with Drew Barrymore are true. Episode two: Michael Stipe. [NYP]
  • Lindsay Lohan reportedly has told her Dad to stay away from her Mom and siblings. [Page Six]
  • Allegra Versace, Donatella's daughter, has been admitted to a hospital for treatment of her anorexia. [Page Six]
  • Jay McInerney sets the record straight: he did not actually bore a lady to death with his bad sexing, He just bored her to sleep. [R&M, third item]
  • Mary-Louise Parker's new boyfriend seems like a very nice fellow who will never cheat on her, probably. [NYO]