Socialite Rank posted an email that young socialite and New School University student Olivia Palermo sent to all her frenemies on Sunday, highlighting the most pathetic bits and calling Libby's self-debasement "better than ecstasy," and prompting doppelganger site Park Avenue Peerage to report that it had also received the letter but had been too "charitable" to post it. "[SR] pinned her onto an Internet crucifix," the unfortunately-acronymed PAP chided. Ha, they so did! But based on what we hear, this young lady deserves the scorn: a social-ish friend of ours once described Libs as "Incredibly vain. Vain for a socialite." Well then! Bring on the crown of thorns.

"Dear Ladies," the letter begins. "I know some of you maybe a bit surprised to receive an email from me, but I have been meaning to clear the air for quite some time and I ask that you bear with me, and do me the favor for reading this email. It took me a lot of courage to write this. I know I have gotten off on the wrong foot with many of you and there may even be some of you that do not like me." That/who confusion: did they not teach Lib-O anything at St. Luke's?

Later in the letter, though, there's a more grievous sin: "You all are a group of amazing, intelligent, beautiful, talented, well-rounded, kind and generous women and I would be honored to have the opportunity to start fresh with you all and hopefully one day, call you my friends." Hopefully. Oh, Lib-Lib. Mad Libs. There is no hope for you at all, is there.

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