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A tipster just told us that a bomb threat has cleared out E!'s Wilshire Boulvevard headquarters, a report we've been unable to confirm with anyone on the inside as we suspect they're all currently gathered outside of the building, fretting about the Simple Life footage of Nicole Richie relearning how to eat from fat-campers going unedited as they idle on the sidewalk. Have a clear view of E! HQ from your office? Sitting in your E! cube, scoffing at the inaccuracy of this post? Drop us a line. Details/corrections/developments as they become available...

UPDATE: First evacuation reports are in, including tales of Ryan Seacrest's daring escape from the scene in his Aston Martin! After the jump:

· The entire E! building has been evacuated with police tape strung across the courtyard. Although the parking structure was also closed off, Ryan Seacrest was allowed a last minute escape. Security personnel opened the parking structure so Ryan could race off in his Aston Martin just in time to hopefully boot Sanjaya off the live show.

· I work in the East building of Wilshire Courtyard. Building security just told us over the PA system that they were not allowing anyone in either building, but that we in the East building didn't have to evacuate (they evacuated the West). Scuttlebutt it is the threat was against Ryan Seacrest. That asshole is seriously the bane of my existence. My lunch plans are TOTALLY shot.

· E! Building (5750 wilshire) has been evacuated due to bomb threat. ryan seacrest escaped in his astin martin, but he got special permission, no one else was allowed to leave. 5700 wilshire (variety, indie 103.1) is also being evacuated,

· I work in the building opposite, and they just announced that this is what is going on the loudspeaker in the building. we have been given the option of evacuating, but then were told it wasn't necessary. ryan seacrest apparently escaped in his astin martin, but all other staffers are trapped here and milling about wilshire.

· We're in 5700 Wilshire East, facing the courtyard of 5700 West, aka E headquarters. We can see the yellow tape across E curtyard and swarms of Nicole Richie look-alikes fleeing the building. We've been told that we can evacuate "if we want to, but we're not obligated to." Seacrest, on the other hand was escorted out by handlers and led to the underground garage where he was able to retrieve his Aston Marten and take off.