Who's that pretty girl? Why, it's weed-liking alternasocialite Arden Wohl, walking the runway for Imitation of Christ last fall. It's hard to recognize her without her head jewelry! Front and center at that selfsame show was alternasexpot Scarlett Johansson, and rightly so: we hear that those two gals are pals. But would they still be if, as we also hear, they knew that they're both doing it with the same guy? Our tipster informs us that the man in question is a bicoastal film director, but don't worry: he's only "41," not 104 or however old Woody Allen is now. We asked our friend Arden to confirm/deny/weigh in, but she hasn't gotten back to us yet: she's probably busily prepping for the Nest Foundation benefit and silent art auction that she's co-hosting tonight with Leelee Sobieski and Stella Schnabel, among others. So is it true, or is it a total random lie? What color head jewelry goes with heartbreak? So many questions.

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