For months now, we have been teased and coaxed by shadowy FX network marketing forces into believing decade-long Friends co-stars and real-life BFFs Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox would participate in a tame form of lesbian liplock on the season finale of Dirt, Cox's drama about the (as it turns out) not particularly compelling world of celebrity tabloid journalism. At last, the YouTubian gods answer the prayers of anyone with a passing interest in the proceedings who can't actually be bothered to sit through an entire Dirt episode.

After weathering a flatly written exchange in which Aniston's lesbian character tells Cox, "This is no way to live! You don't deserve to be alone," (oh, the bitter irony), then some innuendo about past dalliances between the characters (four implied times!), and one brushed off ass-grab (easy there, lesbian tiger), we finally get the kiss: A closed mouth cutaway unlikely to moisten the panties of even the show's most incontinent viewers. Have a look, trying not to sigh too loudly over this squandered opportunity to exploit ten seasons' worth of crackling, Sapphic sexual tension.