Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald has nearly every quality I like in a man: he's pretty, smarter than me, righteous, and he hates both that Washington Post ass Richard Cohen and Gawker. Glenn's crusade against The Politico—they're in bed with Matt Drudge (Mmm! Tasty!) and their barrier-to-print is too low and therefore error-full—has become a war against the shallow right-wing internets newspaper-destroying conspiracy of which we are a part!

According to Glenn, there is a war on overseas! This is no time for "The Gawker cool guy" [Ed Note: Hasten Doree's gender transformation] to be shallow and petty about how The Politico is destroying everything the First Amendment holds dear. Cynicism is the end of us!

Has he been to New York City lately? If he had, he would know just how seriously we in Manhattan take the permanent war of on terror. Hedge-funders are donating significant portions of their bonuses for the war effort, he should know! And also Graydon Carter's Waverly Inn has a little canister by the front door where Bono and Marc Jacobs may slip in their change for our boys overseas.

Conde Nast magazines are putting models in fatigues this season! Lower East Side victory gardens everywhere!

He's right though that things are so very serious down in D.C. among the press folk. Just ask all the serious newspaper men yucking it up with George Bush and dancing with Dick Cheney. Mission accomplished! Fuck yeah!

Also according to Glenn, Wonkette invented the internet. Okay, welcome!

Anyway, how dare The Politico talk to Matt Drudge? Glenn has found proof in Matt's "developing!" whatnots about forthcoming Politico stories of "active communication between Politico and Drudge." Umm, yes. They IM or email links and teasers to Matt. Tons of newspapers do it. AP writers do it. It's easy! Salon should try it sometime—maybe Salon CEO Joan Walsh would stop harassing her staff about traffic.

And as for Politico's couple of bed-shitting stories, what happened when Ben Smith faceplanted on the Edwards-is-out story? He wrote an apology. Twice. And as for their "pernicious" dissemination of talking points against Obama—well, the campaign has made rookie mistakes. (He could ask some of the donors they tried to recruit early from Edwards and Team Clinton and then immediately scared off.)

Errors happen. Like, in Salon:

The March 6 story "The Private War of Women Soldiers" originally included the following statement from National Guard soldier Demond Mullins: "Rapes were happening every night ... Married men were doing it, everyone." Mullins says that he misspoke and was also misunderstood by the reporter. The statement has been deleted.


The Feb. 15 column "Libby's Cynical Defense" mistakenly stated that NBC's Tim Russert testified that Libby had given him information about Valerie Plame. In fact, he testified that he and Libby had not discussed Plame at all. The column has been corrected. [Correction made 2/15/07]

That last must have rankled, given that Plame-world was Glenn's own specialty. So we reiterate, at the risk of sounding like a Dr. Bronner's soap label: All one! One of us! Salon too! One of us! Let's make out!