This weekend brings another issue of T magazine, the New York Times Magazine ancillary publication that keeps multiplying thematically like a Styles section on steroids. And what have the Sunday brunching citizens of the city to look forward to this weekend?

Well, there's Him Her Him Him Her Again Him Again Again. Patricia Marx gets all high-concept in a column in which she and her "main friend" Paul go to very expensive Swedish mattress emporium H stens, where they loll around on mattresses and watch television. Here's a snippet: "I am Patty. I am much older than 6. I am a city grown-up. I live in my own apartment. But one night I got to sleep in a store called H stens. They sell beds." Is she playing a joke on her editors? On us? We don't know!

Then there's Perfume Columnist Chandler Burr's latest several hundred words on the intricacies of developing a new scent for Procter & Gamble's Febreze. Yes, Febreze: "To come up with what it would smell like, the P&G team looked at the point where scent and lifestyle trends intersect, and it struck [Febreze "consumer trends specialist" Alyce Nicholson] Sheehan that it was 'a fantastic time for lavender.' People are going back to nature, she says, they're into health and wellness, they're interested in herbs and simplicity, all of which is associated with lavender." Right, then. When did Chandler Burr turn into Rob Walker?

Then there's yet another article about architect Steven Holl and a house he designed in the New Mexico desert.

Also, chairs. A whole lot of really expensive chairs.