Here's a little hedge if you're long the internet: Fucked Company, the website which chronicled the tech sector bloodbath seven years ago, is up for sale. It's a perfect contracyclical play: the site — which published memos and tidbits, about layoffs or financial difficulties, came alive only in 2000 when the Nasdaq stock market crashed and internet companies began to run out of cash. During this internet upswing, the site's had no particular function; in fact, it's so passe that the site's shameless founder, a Manhattan roue nicknamed Pud, has moved on. Philip Kaplan, as he's now known, got with the Silicon Valley program. Busy with Adbrite, his Sequoia-backed ad network, he's selling the Fucked Company site. It would be a perfect acquisition for, say, Michael Arrington. When his startup-hyping news site, Techcrunch, goes under; he'll have Fucked Company to pick up newly cynical readers.