NICK DOUGLAS — In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 frames per second. Just check these stats from Mefeedia. In its report on "the state of the vlogosphere," the video aggregator reports that the number of vlogs has risen from 617 to over 20 thousand in the last two years. Let's project that growth rate to next year.

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Above is a chart of Mefeedia's figures, showing the number of existing vlogs in January 2005, 2006, and 2007. Based on a scientific method known as "dragging and clicking in Excel until, frustrated, I just hand-enter the shrinking percentage into a calculator," I've projected the number of vlogs in January 2008 based on the shrinking growth percentage (Mefeedia's figures show 1316% growth in 2005 and 139% in 2006, so we projected 14% growth in 2007).

With those figures, we're looking at another three thousand vlogs by next January, for a total of just under 2400. Not too bad. Of course, the number of vlogs worth watching will stay at 0 until Ze Frank returns in a glorious chariot hailed by trumpets and angels.