Each week, a handful of reader comments are selected for inclusion and veneration in the Gold Star Motel. Standards of excellence are arbitrary, fluid, and contradictory. The reward is strictly honorary (at best). This week:

Re:First Responders: Whole Foods

  • Alex Blagg:
    "Is there any way we could dispense with the media and gossip commentary alotgether, and have this site consist only of Julia Allison and TAN, as eloquently captured by the fearless lens of Blakeley's PD-150?" [Ed: Yes.]

Re: Albert Podell, It's Not You ... Ok, It's You

  • Darienlake:
    "I was just imagining the Silkwood-style showers that Podell's girlfriend must take after one of their awesome and totally consensual 'vacations.'"
    Re:We Hear That Dave Zinczenko Just Broke Up With Julia Allison
  • KarenUhOh:
    "Doesn't she give that horse any quarters?"
    Re:Dana Vachon Backlash Begins In Gritty, Blue-Collar Paper
  • sven:
    "The nose that stands in strong and pert salute to his resolutely nonethnic ancestry"? What a weird thing to say. Why not just come out and admit that you hate him for reminding you that you're Jewish?"
    Re:Dana Vachon Backlash To The Backlash To The Backlash Begins
  • iceprincess:
    "I would imagine reading M&A is more like riding Vachon's face. Sure, it's fun, but after a while, you get an ass cramp."
    Re: Williamsburg Tampon Finally Unstuck
  • MinnesotaStateofMind:
    "I once had this happen to me! It was the Summer of Luke and Laura...not the summer when they were on the run from Frank Smith, but the one where they were on the island with the weather machine. I was thirteen, and stuck traveling in a RV with my grandfather and his second wife. Years later I find out they were never really married, but she was embarrassed about it due to being born again.
    For some reason I decided that I want to try tampons. Probably because pads back then were like mattresses, and there was a matter of wanting to be discreet. I inserted the tampon as a test (and only a test) and then it did not want to come out. After much prayer — and no council — I yanked it out.
    It hurt.
    The internet would have been a welcome friend."
    Re:Gopnik and Wolcott Draw Their Party Lines
  • josh speed:
    "Ricarda Huch is that fat gay one from the first Survivor, right?"
    Earlier: Stumped