NICK DOUGLAS — Every time we publish a photo of the Googleplex interior, fanboys and fangirls glom on and drool over the goodies at the search giant's Mountain View headquarters. These wannabe Googlers will be thrilled to find they can buy the Google lifestyle at the Google Store and turn their own rooms into a kindergarten Google office: like so.

Yes, I'm impressed by the prices as well. Why the odd numbers? Because Google's store defaults prices to round numbers in British pounds. That won't keep the Google boys from costing more than, like, Brazil.

Of course, even this plethora of Google-branded crap isn't enough. When I'm lounging in my Google beanbag chair, I want a Google espresso in my Google mug, damn it! In fact, save yourself a bundle: just print out the logo below onto an iron-on sheet for under 15 bucks, then sear that sucker into your furniture. Boom! Google Aeron! Google workbench! Google housecat!

(Goodies: Google Store; photoshop: Richard Blakeley; background: helimars)