While buildings are collapsing nearby and the Lower East Side's nightlife is mourning the loss of not one but two of its beloved clubs, at least nightlife on St. Mark's Place is alive and well. And with what unimpeachable evidence do we propose to support that specious supposition? No, not the burgeoning singles scene at Chipotle, nor even the continued and inexplicable popularity of Bamn!, the automat. No, it's this soon-to-be-opened papier-m ch puppy store. Or at least, it is our sincere hope that this store will exclusively sell oversized papier-m ch puppies, and not many, just one at a time. Sadly the counter, the menu boards up top and the fact that it is on poor beaten St. Mark's suggest just another cheap eatery for N.Y.U.'s bedraggled and befuddled.