So! The Tribune Company's finally (almost certainly!) been sold, praise be, and the LA Times has decided to ask its readers what they think about the sale. Perhaps this is that vaunted "citizen journalism" everyone's been yammering about lately? Or maybe they're really looking for some useful tips!

  • "The hog butchers have been replaced by a slum lord. No use hoping the Times will regain some quality."
  • "Sam Zell cares only for money, not journalism, not people. Sadly, The LA Times may be in further jeopardy. I would like to be wrong because our paper has already been strafed by the Tribsters. Sign me, Native Chicagoan-Cubs fan in LA"
  • "Start puting more focus on obviously, the future of news delivery is over the internet, so it would seem to make sense to start moving resources away from the print edition and towrds, to try and make it one of the premier news sources over the internet."
  • "Please clean house at the LA Times. It seems that with each passing year, the paper moves farther and farther left in the slant from which it reports the news. Please bring in some new blood that will help RIGHT the ship before it sinks from a complete lack of credibility."
  • "That Messrs. Broad and Burkle didn't succeed in acquiring LATimes brings comfort and relief. It was evident what those two megalomaniacs would've done to Times, a vassal for their self-absorbed debauchery."
  • "Don't discontinue the TV Times."
  • "Anyone have any idea on what the status of TM pensions for retirees will be under Zell?"
  • "My 12 son was excited to see "news" articles on his Internet connected Nintendo Wii. The upcoming generations of newspaper readers is getting smaller every year. I wonder what people lamented about when the town criers were loosing their jobs 250 years ago."

God, it's like an entire internets full of Glaring Omissions.

Billionaire Lands Deal for Tribune Co. [LAT]