Is George Stephanopoulos totally gay? It sure seems like it: After all, his wife horned her way all the way into someone else's A Night Out With in order to trumpet his rampant heterosexytimes desires! Said wife, Alexandra Wentworth, joined dancer and novelist Paulina Porizkova at the pedicure trough to exchange intimacies with each other and with the Times' Winter Miller. "Ms. Porizkova and Ms. Wentworth met on a television pilot and have been close ever since, even with Ms. Wentworth now living in Washington. They wasted not a moment catching up. With these two, there was no story too gross, no moment too humiliating to rehash. Most are unprintable here. The semi-sanitized highlight reel? Ms. Wentworth's husband still wants to make love daily and every year for Christmas he gives his wife a trainer." Hot! But does George use him too?

Pampering Two Left Feet [NYT]