Media Bubble: Non-Tribune Edition

  • Jeff Greenfield returns to CBS after a long stint at CNN. Greenfield is known in the industry for his "wry perspective on events," which is like being a "comedian's comedian" for a group of people who have no sense of comedy. [WSJ]
  • Paula Zahn feels need for new man, divorce. [Radar]
  • Is there anyone who didn't pay off Conrad Black? [AP]
  • Admitting that you are powerless over your addiction to humorless media scolding is the first step on the road to recovery; congratulations! Also, good point. [CJR Daily]
  • Long-laboring internet hero Paul Ford (aka Gary Benchley) wins internet! He's got all 160 years of Harper's tedium made available online. [Fishbowl NY]
  • Lester Holt will replace John Siegenthaler as weekend anchor on NBC. [Post Chronicle]
  • Black people will get Essence's take on "30 Dates in 30 Days." Sadly, it will be online-only, and on that other internet. [WWD]