Mad at the fancy strollers jamming up your sidewalk? Blame those damn babies and their fertility doctors, sure, but also blame Dutch designer Max Barenbrug, who invented the $800 Bugaboo. He doesn't think he did anything wrong, though. Today he refutes BusinessWeek's assertion that the uber-cool, all-terrain stroller is "the Mercedes-Benz of strollers: practical, built like a tank, and very expensive."

Instead! "As a European, I would like to compare it to an Audi — because I personally prefer that brand. I wouldn't compare it to a tank either." Why? Exactly how big are the sidewalks in Dutch-land anyway?

Parenting blog Babble readers who commented on the article seem mostly happy that someone is finally standing up for their ostentatious prams: "I credit the stroller for my weight loss, and I love that I could gaze down at my new, sleeping babe during our walks," says VancouverMama. A lone dissenter, um, dissents: "Yes, it is beautiful, but my mentality is buy a GOOD quality, middle-of-the-line of the stroller so that you have more money to waste on buying designer clothing for your kids." Babble is really the most aptly named website in the entire internet, isn't it?

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