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In what Var has dubbed Bloody Monday, but which we will counterdub Mercy-Killing Monday to emphasize the networks' compassionate desire to euthanize a handful of shows languishing in a Nielsen coma from which they are unlikely to ever awaken, Fox's The Wedding Bells, ABC's Six Degrees, The CW's 7th Heaven, and NBC's The Black Donnellys have all entered different phases of the always complex cancellation process. This morning, heavy-handed Donelleys creator Paul Haggis is using his pair of stolen Oscars to wipe away the tears he's shedding over the loss of his primetime baby, his pain compounded by Var's swift kick to the gut during this moment of vulnerability:

Despite a solid "Deal or No Deal" lead-in, last week's seg sank to third place in the 10 p.m. hour, losing even to the season finale of "What About Brian."

And thus is written The Black Donnellys' bitter epitaph: It couldn't even beat What About Brian. Unfortunately, Studio 60 fans can take no solace in Donnellys' speedy yanking from Studio's rightful, post-Heroes timeslot, which will go to The Real Wedding Crashers, a choice that is sure to sap Aaron Sorkin's will to elevate the medium as he joylessly completes the episodes that will fill out the Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: The Complete First and Last Season DVD.