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The once-murky implications of the Tribune deal are becoming visible, and Tribune employees are starting to make sense of the brave new world to come. Take the Orlando Sentinel's Mike Thomas. While the potential for layoffs under the Zell regime causes Mike some concern, there's a terrible specter looming on the horizon that frightens him even more. Guess what? It involves the Internet!

I am a citizen journalist. Once I made fun of bloggers, and now I am one. Funny what a paycheck will do to your outlook on life.

It's all about the Web now.

Every time someone clicks on our Web site, that click is tallied up at Click Command. We then go to Acme Ford and sell ads based on the number of our clicks.

I'm guessing it probably takes somewhere around 1,000 clicks to sell a Ford F-150.

People always accuse us of sensationalizing stories "to sell newspapers."

Now we do it to sell clicks.

More clicks. More money.

I'm not sure how this bodes for journalism in the long run.

Having read this column in full we feel confident in answering: "Not well. It does not bode well at all."

It just clicked! Now I've found reasons to blog! [Orlando Sentinel]