Poor former New York magazine dating columnist Amy Sohn. She is trapped between two worlds! In Park Slope, where she has mated and bred, she is surrounded by the Jews. In an exchange of letters with Oprah's fave rabbi, Shmuley Boteach, she says she feels "a mix of contempt, curiosity, and envy" about "your people." Annoyingly, she is also surrounded by the Gentiles! She's "sickened by the total indulgence, lack of affection between parents, and general dog-wagging-the-tail" of the atheist-Protestants of the Slope. Oh and then she goes off about this "imagined" sexless relationship where the husband looks at online porn all the time and the wife stuffs Ben & Jerry's into her craw while watching America's Next Top Model. Time for someone to get the hell out of Egypt, Amy? Can't wait for her New York mag column to morph again: As Naked City became Mating, so shall a column called Trial Separations be popped out.

Shalom in Whose Home? [Jewcy]