Every time we feel a pang of sympathy for pregnant moms—no one gives them seats on the subway anymore, after all—it's dashed by services like "Dress the Belly," a personal shopping service for pregnant moms. UrbanBaby explains it all today in their daily email: "After styling her sister-in-law through two trimesters, Candace Copeland found she had a knack for this maternity stuff and decided to share her gift. Depending on your needs (and level of desperation), she can serve as either personal shopper or stylist. Candace will scour your favorite stores and present you with potential outfits; you try them on in the comfort of your home, and she'll return the rejects." But UrbanBaby can't resist getting in a little jibe at a store that they consider d class .

If you never dreamed of hiring a stylist, don't worry: Dress the Belly will work with your specific style and budget. Or just keep the number in your BlackBerry in case you need help with a specific wardrobe challenge (a black-tie gala, a destination wedding).

If you happen to call amidst a sobbing Mimi Maternity moment, nobody will judge.

Yes, God forbid. Better to take your sister-in-law's dirty stained hand-me-downs than have a sobbing Mimi Maternity moment, after all.

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