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Because even the most utilitarian of office furniture becomes highly desirable when you're told it once belonged to a former child star turned helmer of blandly palatable Hollywood blockbusters, we offer for your online bidding consideration this blocky, brown specimen, which, an eBay seller tells us, once sat in The DaVinci Code director Ron Howard's Imagine offices.

With a starting bid of a more than reasonable 99 cents, we'd argue that you can't afford not to make your best offer on the very sectional-seating which very possibly once propped superproducing Man of Ideas Brian Grazer as he pleaded with his artistic life partner to see the "Eminem is a natural born actor's actor!" light. However, should that auction leave you cold, there is always the current offering on Craigslist of a table featured in "THE PERSUIT OF HAPPINES WITH WILL SMITH [sic]," which figured prominently in the movie when Smith's homeless father character locked himself in an office building overnight, and, desperate to provide a meal for his young son, scraped the remains off its underside to make two chewed-gum sandwiches.