It wasn't just Henry the Intern looking foxy at Arianna Huffington's party on Friday night. Men's Vogue fella Hud Morgan was there, too, in a blue blazer, a french cuffed gingham shirt, Nantucket red trousers and a pair of velvet monogrammed slippers. (Sockless, of course.) Mr. Morgan said the shoes "had soles that cost more than your entire closet" but later recanted, because of course he got them for free. (And: was this a "Kennedy clambake in Hyannisport"? one attendee wondered. We just wonder if he can't mate up with similarly-fashioned Dana Vachon. Think of the mix-and-match outfits they could create! It's like preppy Grranimals.) In any event, Mr. Morgan, for some reason, decided to steal former AM NY dating columnist Julia Allison's cellphone.

Hud's becoming more like his former employer Lloyd Grove every day, noted another attendee, meaning drink-enjoying. We don't necessarily agree—though of course cautionary tales lurk around each of us. We should know!

So he and Julia Allison start having dirty chat about blowjobs and bruising. This was not the sort of high-quality intellectual debate observers expected from the Huffington scene. (They were hoping to find Elayne Boosler telling stories about cute animals!) But! Bruising? Really, Julia?

Upon investigation, Ms. Allison was indeed sporting a bruise on her left arm, roundabouts the bicep. Apparently her current boytoy, Men's Health editor Dave Zinczenko, fancies himself something of a wrestler. Ms. Allison wouldn't comment, for once in her life. (Good for her.) But we're concerned. Rose McGowan would never have put up with this sort of thing.