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You may have felt a sea change in the cultural consciousness recently, in the form of growing grassroots support for Sanjaya Malakar, the talent-deficient breakout star of an otherwise forgettable sixth season of the nation's opiate of choice, American Idol. In honor of His Awfulness, a round-up:
· declares Sanjaya the "single most important personality" to emerge from Idol, declaring him the ponyhawked King Arthur to finally pull Excalibur from the stone (in the form of sensory-raping performances America can't seem to get enough of) and slay the mighty Idol dragon that has terrorized the TV landscape for the past five years. [BWE]
· AOL TV counts down all the reasons they love Sanjaya, including the fact that he's been parodied to limited comedic effect by Andy Samberg in a pointless Weekend Update appearance on SNL. What other reason could you possibly need? [AOL]
· Join master of the mopey thespian arts Zach Braff as he intros a clip from his new movie The Ex (spoiler alert: He offends an Irish dude!), capping it off with the kind of endorsement for Malakar that Hillary would kill for. []

· Idol producer Ken Warwick predicts Sanjaya will crack top five, but ultimately not go all the way. But if he did, he calls Simon Cowell's pledge that he would quit the series "rubbish," promising America that they will have a "guaranteed view of his muscle-shirted manboobs until the melting polar ice caps drown them in their homes." [MSNBC]
· Hey—Tony Bennett's a big fan! You got a problem with that? [YouTube]