Another "insider" (we put those in quotes when we figure they have some interest in the book!) speaks up on behalf of Bridie Clark's maligned roman a clef: "[Because She Can] earned out in foreign sales before it was published, and the real sell-through is substantially higher than Bookscan (something closer to 10,000.) The book got a ton of publicity (that's free), not a ton of marketing money (except co-op). It's, by all accounts, a success." Well, not by Radar's account, but, hey, there are two sides to every story.

Actually, when we're trying to determine whether a book was a success or a failure, there are like eighty sides, and then there's some kind of insane formula coming into focus in our heads whereby advance something something versus proposed print run then actual print run then sales including rights sales then returns—with all that information closely guarded by congenital liars, naturally.

Story short: is the book a success? Only her publisher knows for sure. Or her accountant. We're done looking into how many books sold and what it means for a while. Maybe from now on we'll just limit ourselves to inquiring into how books smell and taste or something. This one smells like dusty kittens!