Media Bubble: Ben Brantley Can't Find A Gay

  • Ben Brantley: bad gaydar. [WWD]
  • Sam Zell: "Fuck you, Eli Broad." [NYP]
  • Big gay powerhouse Stuart Elliott reports that The Week will publish an online-only issue about the environment. The mag claims it's an attempt to spare trees; we see it as more of an admission that no one gives a shit about the environment enough to pay for a magazine about it. [NYT]
  • Stealth mogul, theater-owner and creationist Philip Anschutz needs to intelligently design a plan to keep himself off the witness stand. [LAT]
  • Larry King will live forever. [NYT]
  • Page Six speculates that "The Today Show" is losing viewers "because it has abandoned hard news." Yes, really, that's what they said. [NYP]
  • Crony of incoming British Prime Minister Gordon Brown named chairman of BBC. [Guardian]
  • Chicagoans really like the word "Chicago." You know what else they really like? Clogging their arteries with greasy food. Seriously, fuck Chicago. [CHICAGO Tribune, via]
  • Where's our damn Peabody? We thought that suicide post made us a lock. [LAT]