The most interesting thing about Radar's tallying-up of whose reporting necessitates the most corrections at the Times—Alessandra Stanley, gasp!—is the byline. Google has never heard of Rikolas Deagitle. Was someone at Radar so ashamed of this feature that they would only publish it pseudonymously, like how David Lynch made the producers credit "Alan Smithee" on Dune? Is it... an anagram?

Editorial Elk Gas?
Digital Also Reek?
Godlike Slate Ira?
Godlike Arse Tail?
Gorilla Edit Sake?

What is Radar trying to tell us? Senior editor Adam Laukhuf says, "It's a pseudonym (obvi). The writer got a job [Ed: at the Times?] during the time he was researching the story, and doesn't think they'd like it too much. But to be fair, we made it up for him. And the reference is really stupid."

We keep sounding it out... and it almost sounds like... something.

Yes. Stupid. So stupid that no one will tell us what it is. Also we are stupid maybe. So do you know? Please tell us so that it doesn't become one of those meaningless awful questions that still somehow manages to keep us awake at night, like "What is the name of that movie where Reese Witherspoon is in a coma and her ghost haunts Mark Ruffalo?"

Bad News Bearers [Radar]