Good news for folks who want to relax while they're coming down from the meth rush and have exhausted all other opportunities. A judge has denied Tribune's request for a preliminary injunction against "Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld," the 2 a.m. Fox News chat show where anyone can be a guest. (Seriously, just e-mail Gutfeld, he's totally up for it.) Tribune claims that the show's title is too close to the free tabloid the company distributes in Chicago, but a U.S. District judge dismissed the claim, noting that while the newspaper is written for mouth-breathers, the television program is aimed at imbeciles, and the groups are unlikely to confuse the two. However, the issue will still go to trial in August. Memo to Greg: Don't go tossing those "Let's Get Stalky With Rachel Marsden" title cards just yet. Also, my super wants me to tell you that he can't tape on Thursday, but any other night next week is fine.

'Redeye' TV show survives Trib injunction bid [CHICAGO Sun-Times]