Yesterday, we found out that New York Observer goldenboy Jared Kushner has been mucking about with none other than Trump Organization goldengirl Ivanka Trump, complete with PR-man assertions of "friendship." But! Were we just pawns in one of Kushner's maniacal games? Yesterday we were contacted by several Observer staffers, who said that about a week ago, Kushner had been parading Ms. Trump around the Observer offices, "as if he wanted one of us to tell you guys, because he knows that everything here gets leaked. So of course, we didn't." The pair reportedly entered Kushner's office, "leaving the door open," one Observer staffer said, though this staffer also remarks that the whole thing "seemed weird." We've been used, in some horrible image management co-branding scheme! Kushner, you rascal! (*Shakes fist*) We'll get you next time.

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