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NICK DOUGLAS — Thailand will continue banning YouTube even though the user who posted a video mocking the king has taken it down. (There are still two pics on YouTube, says Thailand, that harm the king's sensitive sensibilities.) But Google says they'll work with Thailand to help censor YouTube. So who's outlawed in what country? Where is Google banned, and where's it just censored? And what's with North Korea? Let's answer this with the magic of charts!

ChinaThailandBrazilNorth KoreaTurkey
YouTubeTemporarily banned last yearBannedTemporarily banned in JanuaryBannedTemporarily, maybe soon permanently, banned
YahooCensored and gov't-friendlyAvailableAvailableBannedAvailable
AOLAvailable, uncensored?AvailableAvailableBannedAvailable
WikipediaEnglish site banned; Chinese site temporarily banned 2005-2006AvailableAvailableYou get the picture. North Korea has its own little Internet of about 30 sites.Available

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