Media Bubble: East Hampton 'Press' v. 'Star'

  • Southampton Press, owned by entirely nutty Joseph Louchheim, begets East Hampton Press; East Hampton Star not thrilled. We say: If there are two places to read crime reports about dumb girls named Amy Kline who miss the last train back to the city and call the police, who then actually call and get them a bus back to town instead of telling them to sleep on the street, we're thrilled. [NYT]
  • Page Six calls out the New Yorker for a correction. WEIRD! [NYP]
  • Newspaper shocked that the two suspiciously not-American-named dudes who broadcast Al Manar in the U.S. are pleading the First Amendment. Hey, yeah, that's our Amendment! [NY Sun]
  • Don Imus is "a lawn jockey to the establishment." Also, he'll be going on Al Sharpton's radio show today. That'll be a treat. [NYT]
  • HP is now obsessed that you aren't printing out websites and reading them on paper. (Apparently, you're not retarded enough for today's printer companies.) Crazy futurists! [NYT]
  • New York mag gets official Portfolio editor interview, denounces gripers. Why do people hope Portfolio will fail? Duh. Everyone hates a poacher. [NY]
  • Lawsuit-threatening-and-not-filing Kurt Eichenwald has his Payne Award affirmed. [UofO]
  • This Is A Profile Of Keith Olbermann. [NY]