"I think we want to actually meet our readers," n+1 founding editor Mark Grief tells his alma mater's newspaper, the Harvard Crimson. With that firm conviction, Mark and his fellow alums will undertake "a week-long tour of greater New England," including three different stops in Cambridge! Maybe while he's there he'll encounter the kind of dissenting opinions from readers that he says he craves. "If you could go to your readers and they would stand up and denounce you, then you really have something," says Grief. You heard him, Harvardites! Go confront the n+1sters! Just make sure you've actually read an issue of their precious magazine first. That way you'll be able to judge whether or not it has effectively "called for a re-imagining of literary and political life," as editor Chad D. Harbach ('97) puts it. While you're dissenting, maybe ask for an internship!

Grads Reveal Secrets From Within The N+1 Offices [Crimson]