A week or so ago, Times scribbler Denny Lee checked into the Bowery Hotel and noted its charming opulence while giving the Bowery bums that still linger a good old-fashioned elegiac waxing. But what if these sleeping indigent transient Nemos wake up? When a knife scuffle broke out on the street outside recently, "One of the hotel's red-coated doormen rushed out, hustled the bystanders inside, then held the door closed." According to New York mag, owner Sean MacPhearson "seemed to find it good for the hotel's brand" and said "We are trying to offer an Old New York experience." What, was the guy part of the Dead Rabbits? We happened to be at the Bowery Hotel over the weekend and are pretty sure the bum was pissed the bartender had no idea how to make a decent Pimm's Cup. We sure were. Stabbingly pissed.

A Somewhat-Chic Bowery Knife FIght [NY Mag]