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Confronted with the upcoming end of his sitcom's surprising, nine-year run, reflective King of Queens star Kevin James shared his theory about how his Little Sitcom That Could (Repeatedly Defy Cancellation) lasted as long as it did: by carefully avoiding the unwanted attention that comes with critical acclaim and Emmy wins.

"It may have worked for us because people kinda left us alone," the 41-year-old actor said in a recent conference call.

"You know, when they tapped us on the shoulder and we looked up, it was nine years later. We never really were that shiny show, but we're a simple show—and that's something that I'm proud of."

James is, of course, merely being modest. He knows that the secret to KoQ's survival was rooted in its savvy, "fat guy falls down" twist on CBS's "schlubby husband with long-suffering, inappropriately hot wife " formula, which clearly distinguished it from interchangeable offerings like Still Standing (one fat guy, no falling down) and Yes, Dear (two schlubby husbands, two hot wives) when it came time to decide which show would survive the network's annual sitcom culling.