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Even before we learned about the actor's generous investment of venture capital in some North Carolina entrepreneurs' planned George Clooney Drank Here chain of celebrity-endorsed lemonade stands, we were fully prepared to believe Clooney's strenuous denials of any involvement in the leaking of those I Heart Huckabees outtakes, as an upstanding Hollywood citizen who's offered up an unnecessary million dollar bounty to anyone who can prove his alleged complicity in such a non-scandal has done more than enough to satisfy us. But just in case there's someone left in the world who believes Clooney is obsessed with screwing with onetime Three Kings sparring partner David O. Russell, he reassures EW that even if he were so inclined, he wouldn't know how to go about upstreaming a viral to the YouTubes:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You've denied leaking the Huckabees footage. But is it possible we will ever see any similar material from Three Kings?

GEORGE CLOONEY: The funny thing is that that tape has been going around for about two and a half years. And everybody's seen it. I saw it when we were shooting Ocean's Twelve. I felt bad for Lily but I also felt a little vindicated for anyone that thought that that had anything to do with me on [Three Kings].

But, you know, the last thing in the world I would have done is stick it on the Internet. I don't even know how to get onto YouTube. So there's not going to be any Three Kings things. There are pranks I like to play [but] that [posting this kind of footage online] falls into the world of screwing with people's careers. I'm up for a good fight, but not sneaky. I like 'em face-to-face.''

So there you have it: If video of his excitable Kings director trying to kick a mounted machine gun off an armored jeep after a particularly contentious day of shooting should one day anonymously surface online, the questioning should start with a possibly disgruntled co-star like Ice Cube, who still might be a little bitter that Russell chose Mark Wahlberg over him for a juicy role in Huckabees, abandoning him to a career filled with Vin Diesel's sloppy seconds and cred-killing family comedies.