Remember last week, when Keach Hagey's Press Clips column sort of put us into a state of incoherence? Well, we've been properly medicated and we're ready to give it another shot. Column the sixth comes in at 560 words, signifying a possible rising trend. And how is it? Well, it's actually... kinda good!

Remember the stunning revelation a few weeks back that Judi Giuliani had been married once before she had been married once before? Both the Post and the News had it as a scoop. How curious, we thought. Who got the story first?

Keach digs deep and does some reporting, and learns that, well, the News did, having put in weeks of research for the story. But when Giuliani spokesman Michael McKeon realized how much the News had on the prospective First (or third, if you're scoring at home) Lady, engaged in the kind of sneaky, underhanded maneuver that makes political spokesfolk so universally beloved:

McKeon, who says the campaign was in control of this info all along, did some quick thinking. So right after that interview, Judi went ahead and spilled the same beans to the Post. And there went the News' exclusive.

Yay Keach! This is a story we're interested in and she's delivers the goods. This makes us happy! Then there's some web extra thing about Arthur magazine but we didn't want to ruin our buzz.

Rating: More like this, please!

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