We saw the following editor's note on Katie Couric's blog yesterday and were too "overwhelmed" to tease out its "implications":

Correction: The April 4 Notebook was based on a "Moving On" column by Jeffrey Zaslow that ran in The Wall Street Journal on March 15 with the headline, "Of the Places You'll Go, Is the Library Still One of Them?" Much of the material in the Notebook came from Mr. Zaslow, and we should have acknowledged that at the top of our piece. We offer our sincere apologies for the omission.

Couric's Notebook is a regular, web-only feature in which she offers a couple of thoughts on the issues of the day (soldiers in the second World War were brave, why are Americans so fat, etc.) and wraps up with the extraordinarily grating, "And that's a page from my notebook." The library entry has now been "completely" erased from the Internet. So explain this to us: Katie Couric read something "from her notebook" that was actually written by someone else, a producer who had in fact plagiarized it from a third party? When is "plagiarism" an "omission"? We're "confused," to say the least. Help us, public editor boy Brian Montopoli, you're our only hope!

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