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As far as we are concerned, "Because it's Wednesday" is as an acceptable answer as any to the question, "Why are you running the Rip Torn DWI mug shot again?" It just so happens, however, that there has been a major development in the case, completely justifying another visit to Soused Rip Mountain:

A court clerk told The Journal News on Tuesday that Torn had decided on the nonjury trial, scheduled for June.

The actor was initially represented by Adam Levy of Carmel, who is running for Putnam County district attorney and is the son of television's "Judge Judy" Scheindlin. But Levy said Torn has hired a new lawyer.

Torn's refusal to cop a guilty plea in the case might stem from a similar incident from 2004, when, despite video evidence showing him slurrily mouthing off to cops, the actor was cleared of all charges. We don't know why he would now chose to drop Judge Judy Jr., who represented him in the previous case. Perhaps it was Levy who recused himself, concerned that his signature "he's the boss, applesauce!" defense might not be enough to earn another DWI acquittal.