Remainders: Happy Birthday Vincent Gallo!

  • MSNBC cancels their Imus-cast. May we tackily say: Told ya! [TV Newser]
  • Girls Gone Wild impresario Joe Francis has been charged with tax evasion. [LAT]
  • Speaking of tax evasion, Marc Anthony (aka Mr. Jennifer Lopez) owes $2.5 million in back taxes to New York State and City. Must have been an oversight. [TMZ]
  • If your apartment building is falling down, New York City might make the repairs on its own and bill your landlord. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. [Empire Zone]
  • New Times Square "entertainment venue/restaurant/lounge" is looking for professional bloggers to create buzz about them. Sounds shill-tastic. [Eater]
  • Where is Vincent Gallo? Anyway, it's his birthday! Yay!