Our Correspondent for Chefs In Local Jails reports, "Today Chef Neroni was processed at the 76th Precinct on Union Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. His lawyer accompanied him. Can't confirm all the details." We can! We called the Deputy of Public Information who confirmed that Jason Neroni, until recently the chef at Porchetta, had indeed been arrested and charged with petit larceny, a class A misdemeanor. It seems that Marco Rivero, Neroni's ex-employer at Porchetta and the Montague to Neroni's Capulet, knew what he was talking about when he claimed there was a warrant for Neroni's arrest after all. Mr. Rivero, of late markedly unenamored of Neroni, might have something to do with the claims even! Defined as the theft of less than $1,000, the charge carries a penalty of up to a year imprisonment. As of this writing, Mr. Neroni is still in the 76th.