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While you might have held out secret hopes that the first American Idol-related sex tape would be Taylor Hicks: Silver-Haired Manslut, or, if your taste in amateur pornography runs towards the disturbing and kitschy, William's Hung Like A Horse, you had to suspect that the first foray into the Idolporn genre would star one of the competition's more obscure contestants, if for no other reason than Simon Cowell's production company owns all the double-penetration/ATM rights for anyone cracking the show's rarefied Top Ten. This morning, Vivid Entertainment, the company that so recently redefined the idea of the celebrity sex tape with Kim Kardashian: Remind Me Why We're Watching This Person Fuck Again?, has announced it's going forward with the sale of Olivia Mojica: Hard Core Idol, a video filled with all the steamy, person-who-didn't-get-very-far-on-Idol-on-her-boyfriend-at-the-time action you can handle. As even repeated viewings of the Vivid site's preview materials didn't jog our memories about Mojica's brief appearance on the show, we think we're going to sit this one out and wait for an Antonella Barba or Kellie Pickler-level also-ran to get desperate for rent money and invigorate the Hard Core Idol imprint.