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The tabloids are once again pushing the Scientology panic button on Jennifer Lopez, who was caught dropping some Hubbardian jargon into her attempts to soothe the feelings of vulnerable American Idol contestants following judge Simon Cowell's litany of enturbulating put-downs. Notes Rush & Molloy:

Lopez said that, in contrast to the stinging put-downs of Simon Cowell, she believed that "concentrating on the rightness brings more rightness."

"Rightness" comes up frequently in the lexicon of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Former OT III-level church member Margery Wakefield writes in "The Language of Scientology" that "rightness" was one of his buzzwords. Among Hubbard's manifestoes: "Rightness and Wrongness" and "Recognition of Rightness of the Being."

Even this small slip was enough to alert Idol's contestant-enslaving producers about the possible presence of a competing cult on their tightly controlled set. Lopez's movements were closely monitored following the show, ensuring that the possibly Scientology-entangled entertainer was unable to converse with phenom Sanjaya Malakar, whispering promises that with a few of the Celebrity Centre's private vocal-actualizing lessons taken during his downtime, he could finally end the public outcry over his lack of talent and claim the international superstardom being denied him by Cowell and his cadre of Melinda Doolittle-worshipping suppressives.

[Photo: American Idol]