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Seen a weather forecast for the weekend? It looks like it's going to rain fire and blood. Coincidentally, that's the same thing our eyes do when we gaze upon the assorted misfits from The Cobrasnake, Misshapes, Last Night's Party, and Ambrel. We can't imagine how Alex Blagg does it every week. Nevertheless, it's Blue States Lose!

10.Gawker. Tricia Romano's Birthday Party photo #1712003: Can you morons please stop pretending we're still living in 1970's New York? Do you really need to be soaring through a nightclub on a giant unicorn suspended from the ceiling, dressed like a pixie with a coke spoon jammed up your nose to feel like you're edgy or artistic or whatever? Studio 54 was mythologized bullshit, the reality of which was an aftermath of AIDS and drug addiction. Deal with it.

9.MySpace. Douchey Warbucks' page: Actually, here's what's left of Studio 54. This is why you can't watch the news these days without ominous reports about the dangers lurking on MySpace - Douchey Warbucks here is just waiting to eat your babies. His little patch of webspace is such a treasure trove of unfathomable creepiness that I shouldn't even have to write anything else for BSL this week.

8. Ambrel. Ruff Club First Anniversary photo #8700: I know that I'm about 80 times more jaded than even the most conservatively bedazzled partygoing hiptard, but I still refuse to believe that they can watch this sort of shit without thinking to themselves, on some small level, "Jesus, what the fuck am I doing here?"

7. Last Night's Party. Drive By photo #0471: Work it, girl!

6. Last Night's Party. Beyond Ruff photo #3415: "Ohhhhh yeeeaaah. The way you're purposefully turning those knobs and pressing the spacebar on your laptop is making me sooooo hot! Please, cup your hands around my breasts! Uhhnng..."

5. The Cobrasnake. Ruff Stuff photo #4098: This guy doesn't just WEAR a "Livestrong" bracelet. He fucking does it. Also, for some reason he reminds me of Blakeley.

4. Misshapes. April 7th, 2007 photo #122: Here's some guy who came to Misshapes dressed like a paratrooper.

3. Misshapes. April 7th, 2007 photo #003: Jesus Christ, I really wasn't ready to open up the Misshapes page this morning and find myself staring face-to-face with that wierd androgynous monster from Pan's Labrynth, who now stuffs its pants and is looking for someone to party with.

2. Misshapes. April 7th, 2007 photo #031: I love this. I love the sassiness. I love the sparkliness. I even love the way it hurts my eyeballs to look at it.

1. Misshapes. April 7th, 2007 photo #004: I imagine that this must be some sort of "Care Bear Stare", except if he hits you with it, you turn into this.

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