Last night's edition of The Insider gave its audience a brief respite from incremental updates on who might be awarded the fatter, juicier part of Dannielynn Smith following a Bahamian judge's inevitable, Solomonic order to cleave the disputed infant in twain to share the fascinating story of the so-called Wolf Whisperer, star of National Geographic's documentary A Man Among Wolves. That this Whisperer was pragmatic enough, unlike Werner Herzog's ill-fated Grizzly Man hero, to choose an object of obsession that can't kill him with a single swipe of its paw bodes well for his future Hollywood prospects; if he'd met a tragic end chasing his feral dreams, his chances of having his story eventually adapted into a feel-good Friday night drama for CBS (starring Billy Ray Cyrus, red-hot off his Dancing with the Stars revival) would probably have died with him.