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· Directors Bryan Singer and Gus Van Sant race to be first into production with their competing biopics about Harvey Milk (The Mayor of Castro Street and The Untitled Fuck Bryan Singer, I'm Doing This Anyway Project, respectively), the first openly gay elected official in America. [Variety]
· Appropriately cartoon-like actress Christina Ricci joins the cast of Warner Bros.' Speed
adaptation, joining Susan Sarandon, John Goodman, and Emile "The Wachowskis Were Big Fans Of My Understated Work In 'The Girl Next Door'" Hirsch. [THR]
· A pick-up happy Showtime renews The Tudors and This American Life for second seasons, then greenlights a new Tracey Ullman series, State of the Union, in which the semichameleonic actress could disguise herself as "Arianna Huffington in her Los Angeles boudoir, David Beckham and wife Victoria with the L.A. Galaxy or Nancy Pelosi at her D.C. dermatologist" in any given episode. [Variety]
· NBC cleans house on its returning summer-schedule-filler competition shows, jettisoning the old faces of America's Got Talent, The Biggest Loser, and Last Comic Standing in favor of fresh hosting meat. [THR]
· Var philosopher-king Peter Bart asks deceptively "trivial" questions of Hollywood designed to melt the industry's collective, underutilized mind. [Variety]