"Live With A Douche" is a Gawker PSA service rounding up the most deleteriously douchy apartment postings we can find. Surely we respect the universal right to demand a roommate who conforms to one's higgidypiggidy expectations—but some warrant special attention. Have you found a particularly ridiculous listing? Let us know at tips@gawker.com

A two bedroom duplex in a beautiful area of Brooklyn, a guy who's in a committed relationship, no rent? What could go wrong?

I have a 2 bedroom duplex in a beautiful area in Brooklyn and would to share it with a women that understands a situation I am in.

Ok, just a guy looking for an empathetic relationship. Who wouldn't want that, right?

I am with someone I see once a week and it is not enough for me.

Fine, so he's single. Lots of guys are.

I do love my girlfriend so it would be sex buddy only.


If things change between us and I am able to be with her more your only obligation would be keeping the house clean.


I would like to have a room mate with benefits type of thing and have my house kept clean for free rent. If interested reply with a picture and I will get back to you.


I Have A Room For Women Only