Still haven't finalized your summer internship plans? For shame! Good thing Cynthia, who's currently interning at Teen Vogue, has some hot tips for you. "My advice for anyone applying for an internship would be to be prepared to answer anything from who your favorite up and coming designers are to why you think you are an eligible canidate [sic] for the position." Solid advice. So, uh, Cynthia, is that how you ended up where you are today, doing everything "from preparing photo shoots and fashion shows to screwing in a light bulb"? "A good friend and former Teen Vogue intern, Sara Moonves (who is now in the New York Vogue office) recommended me for the position. Getting the interview is one of the most difficult parts!" You heard her, kids: put "know the CEO of CBS's daughter" on your to-do lists, or start boning up on your back issues of Woman's Day.

Meet Cynthia [Teen Vogue]