Fashion photographer Sante D'Orazio looks a lot like a late-in-life Dustin Hoffman all kitted out as a 70s Miami hustler. The buttons on his shirt rarely make it north of his solar plexus. And yet, he is almost always surrounded by naked models. His latest book, KatLick School, came out with its own party late last year. On Saturday night, at the just-opened second floor lounge of the Bowery Hotel, Sante's KatLick exhibition at the Stellan Holm Gallery was toasted. This kind of thing could go on forever, the book, the gallery show, the video game, the sudoku book. That the world likes to look at naked women isn't a secret, but it is Sante's secret to success. We brought our tape recorder to make this into an art project!

[Drawing: Josh. Animation: Blakelely]