Hooray! It's finally here! As you recall, our own Intern Stephanie reported for us live from Jane magazine's boobtacular photo shoot, and now the day has arrived when you'll be able to guess which of the boobs are hers. (Hint: her name is "Stephanie.") After the jump, we've taken the feelings that these tittie-pix gave us and transformed them into art. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of Top-Free activists, such pictures are still not considered safe for most works.

"My boobs have a mind of their own and an inclination to be shown at any time."—Allison, 20

"They make me feel womanly and maternal. They give my body a great shape."—Heather, 25

"I have cleavage in a crew-neck shirt. When men see me naked, they're shocked." —Jax, 24

"The scar from my nipple ring and my two beauty spots make them unique." —Tracey, 34

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