Curbed came across some utterly ridiculous plans for a new tower planned to desecrate the Lower East Side. Dubbed the Delancey Tower, the building was designed by Harlem architects Peter L. Gluck and Partners and was to rise opposite the azure excrescence known as Blue. But the fact that the firm seemed to be using pre-chewed gum to build models made us suspect the thing has less of a viable future than Sanjaya. We're delighted to report the building is indeed stymied, or in the words of architect Tommy Gluck, "temporarily on hold." And if the building's experience of being on hold is anything like our experience of being on hold, that hold will be interminable and cruel, and scored to Vivaldi's Spring.

And though it looks like the Delancey Tower won't be erected anytime soon, one can only hope the Gumball/Bazooka condos on Rivington, shown here in "artist's rendering," meets a similarly thwarted fate.