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Using Twitter, the web status report publishing service created by Evan Williams, is like blogging, except more so. The thoughts stream spontaneously onto the web, or the audience's instant message windows, without any internal or external censor. It's wonderful, except when it's not. Steve Rubel, blogging superhero and one of Twitter's biggest fans, observed that, though he received a free subscription to PC Magazine, "it goes in the trash." As an unthinking spasm, that would be fine, but for the fact that Rubel works for Edelman Public Relations, which regularly sets up meeting for clients such as Adobe with journalists at the tech title. Or did, before Rubel's diss came to the attention of PC Mag's editor. Writes Jim Louderback: "In the future, if I'm on the fence, I'll probably be somewhat less inclined to take a meeting with one of Edelman's clients."